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Access Guides show the Disabled Accessibility of Shops and other Buildings,

detailing such aspects as Automatic Doors, Steps or Ramps & Hearing Loops etc.


Initially, these Guides will show a full appraisal of Access to Premises for the Wheelchair User

only, with regard to Level Access, Ramps or Steps and Hand Rails, but not Door Widths yet.


This has been undertaken solely by an outside visual inspection - if other aspects such

as hearing loops and seating are apparent at this time, then these will be included. 


The second phase will be a mailing requesting further detailed information,

followed by a subsequent inspection & assessment to confirm details.

We will then publish the Access Guides as small booklets,

available through Libraries, Community Centres,

Tourist Information Offices and the like.

The Access Guides will be free.


Click here for information on Ramp Gradients and Step Sizes








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