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The Enforcement Authorities are:
    -    Parking on the Pavement
    -    Parking across Dropped Kerbs
    -    Hemmed in a Disabled Bay
    -    Fraudulent Badge Use

            Report to Police on 08456 070 999

            A Community Police Officer will attend ASAP, subject to other priorities

            If not urgent, you may e-mail your Local Community Officer via the Sussex Police Web-Site

            Click here to see a policy statement on Disabled Community Support from the Local Neighbourhood Inspector


Mid Sussex Council 

    -   Parking in a Disabled Bay without dsplaying a Disabled Badge
            Report to Parking Attendant Control on 01444 477 212
            A Parking Attendant will be summonsed by radio if in the locality          

West Sussex County Council 

    -    Overhanging Hedges or Trees
            Report to West Sussex County Council using this Link to the WSCC Web-Site
            They will liaise with the Householder or Highways Department as appropriate


Mid Sussex Council 

    -    Wheelie Bins left blocking the Pavement
            Report to Mid Sussex Council Cleansing Services on 01444 477 440
            or send an e-mail to:
            They will speak to the Refuse Collectors to ensure they return bins to garden



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