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This Web-Site is still being developed, so there's not much to see yet.

Graphics, disabled symbols, and photographs will all appear soon subject to consents.


 Research has indicated that there is presently no similar Internet resource

published for the benefit of the Disabled Community in Burgess Hill.


This Site hasn't been released to any of the search engines yet, nor

is it linked from any other sites .... so you shouldn't have found it !

Maybe you've received a card or mailing as part of the "pre-launch Campaign",

but whilst you're here,  please leave some feedback - good or bad. 


The Menu Options to the left are fully functional,  but where they link to a

sub-menu, only those items in  Blue & Underlined  yield further information.

Those in Black only serve to indicate current Work in Progress, or Planned. 


The information contained within the Access Guides is for Demonstration Purposes

only at the moment, and has not yet been validated, nor consents sought. 


If however, you have stumbled across this Web-Site, and would like more information,

  please use the Contact Us or E-Mail options ...... and we'll get back to you.


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